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  • ¿Qué hay de diferente en la comida de tu perro?

    ¡Creemos que Edgard & Cooper es simplemente lo mejor que podría pasarle a tu perro! ¿Por qué? Pues porque sólo usamos carne fresca. No usamos carne falsa como hacen otros. Usamos ingredientes naturales como las verduras, las frutas y las hierbas aromáticas. Sin químicos. Sólo ingredientes reconocibles llenos de vitaminas esenciales, minerales y fibras, que son buenas para tu perro. 

  • ¿Por qué colaboramos con la Universidad de Gante?

    Edgard & Cooper saben lo que les gusta, pero sólo nuestros expertos universitarios saben cuales son las recetas más saludables. Estas recetas creadas, son la única forma de garantizar que su perro consiga tomar todas las sustancias esenciales que necesita cada día. Y es por eso que trabajamos con los inteligentes estudiantes de la Universidad de Gante.

  • ¿Le gusta la fruta a los perros?

    ¡Claro que les gusta! A los perros les encanta la fruta y es un alimento muy saludale para ellos además. La naturaleza nos da una gran cantidad de tipos de frutas a elegir y nos asegura una gran variedad de alimentación para nuestro perro. Así tu perro podrá absorber diferentes vitaminas, minerales y fitonutrientes. ¡Increíble!

  • ¿Le gustará a mi perro vuestra comida? Después de todo, no estais usando aditivos, colorantes o saborizantes químicos.

    Los perros pueden detectar olores mucho mejor que nosotros, 10.000 veces mejor que nosotros para ser precisos. Por eso pueden oler la diferencia entre la carne fresca y la carne procesada. Incluso si las otras marcas usen colorantes artificiales y potenciadores del sabor para ocultar los ingredientes desagradables y no saludables. En Edgard & Cooper simplemente no hacemos esto. Solo usamos sabores y caldos naturales que los perros aman.

  • ¿Cómo puedo saber si hay huesos, plumas ... en la comida de mi perro?

    Esa es una pregunta difícil. Tendrías que ver si el paquete dice 'pollo', podría referirse a cualquier parte del pollo. Incluso plumas, carcasas de huesos y otras partes menos nutritivas. Pero hay una cosa clara: muchas marcas de alimentación para perros usan las partes menos nutritivas, porque son ingredientes mucho más baratos. Somos los únicos que prometemos que no estamos usando este tipo de ingredientes en nuestra comida.

  • Does your dry dog food look different from the other guys’ dry dog food?

    No, our kibble LOOKS the same… Yet it’s totally different thanks to the ingredients we use. Only the best and most healthy ingredients enter our kitchen. No nasty stuff like artificial colours, flavours and fragrances. Open a bag of our food, you’ll immediately see and smell the difference.

  • Does your wet dog food look different from the other guys’ wet dog food?

    It sure does! Go ahead, open a tin or a can of our food… You’ll immediately smell the difference between our healthy food and the other guys’ food. Our wet dog food smells absolutely delicious! That figures: after all we’re using real meat instead of ‘modelling’ meat from nasty meat slurry. In our dog food you see the pieces of meat as soon as you cut it. And also notice the lovely chunks of vegetables, fruits and herbs. Yeah, we only serve recognisable ingredients.

  • Do you add sugar to your recipes?

    No, we definitely don’t do that. Sugars make your dog really fat and they aren’t healthy at all. The other guys use sugar to give the meat a reddish-pink colour. Yikes!

  • Is your dry dog food good for my dog’s teeth?

    It sure is! Chewing helps to keep your dog’s teeth clean. And eating crunchy kibble helps to prevent canine dental disease. So our crunchy kibble can help to prevent dental plaque. But remember to have your dog’s teeth checked by a vet every year!

  • How much should I feed my dog each day?

    You can find some feeding guidelines on our packaging. However, no 2 dogs are the same… Some love to take a nap and others almost run a marathon. So we advise you to use our dog food calculator to know how much you should feed your dog every day.

  • Does your dog food contain soya?

    No, we do not use soya as it’s indigestible to dogs.

  • Does your dog food contain wheat or corn?

    No, we do not use wheat or corn in our dog food.

  • Do you use testing-kennels?

    No, absolutely not! The other guys often carry out invasive animal tests, but we think this is very cruel. As dog lovers we refuse to do this. All our recipes are tested by Edgard & Cooper themselves. And by dogs of friends, family and co-workers.

  • Why is your pet food more expensive than other pet foods?

    That’s simple… It’s because healthy ingredients are more expensive. You do the math: 1 kilo of chicken breast easily costs 10 euro and more. Dog foods that cost less than 1 euro per kilogram had to cut back on something… We refuse to do so! Edgard & Cooper doesn’t want to cut back on the health of your dog.

  • Can I immediately introduce my dog to your food?

    No, do it gradually over a period of approximately 5 to 8 days. In this way your pet's digestive system can be accustomed to the new diet. How do you do this? Mix a small quantity Edgard & Cooper with your dog’s current food. Next,  increase the proportion over a 5 to 8 day period… Until you’re feeding your furry friend 100% Edgard & Cooper.

  • Can I mix your dry food and wet food for my dog?

    You sure can, your dog will love it.

  • What do I do with the empty packaging?

    Our packaging is really beautiful, isn’t it?! Yeah, we think so too. But make sure you throw it in the rubbish bin. Edgard & Cooper love to explore nature and sniff around all the time. But they hate garbage on their playground. Even if it’s the packaging of their own brand!

  • Where is your food made?

    We’re a Belgian brand. Awesome, right?! Edgard & Cooper cook up all their recipes in Belgium. And even research and development takes place in our lovely little country. Unfortunately, our Belgian kitchen became too small. So we searched and found 3 REALLY BIG kitchens in Europe where they cook our tasty and healthy recipes. This makes it even more of an adventure!

  • Where can I buy your dog food?

    Belgium may be a little country, there sure are many pet stores that sell our delicious and healthy dog food. And they love giving you some advice as well! You can’t find a dealer in your neighbourhood? You’re always coming home late and can’t get your hands on these goodies? Just order in our webshop.

  • Who is Cooper?

    Cooper is an English Cocker Spaniel. His cheerful personality really brings out the sunshine.  His favourite pastimes? Go for walks in nature and sniff around well… everywhere. He also loves taking a nap, those long walks really take it out of you. ;) He never lets his owner Louis out of his sight. And his expression makes your heart melt… It definitely made our hearts melt! :)

  • Who is Edgard?

    Edgard is a French bulldog and he has quite the personality: proud and stubborn, but absolutely charming! He’s a bon vivant and a foodie. But he’s not a lazy bum! He easily walks 10 kilometres, leading the pack - meaning: our family. :) He’s always enthusiastic - or most of the time at least. In the morning he loves to sleep late, preferably on his owner’s pillow. Taking a nap during daytime? Sure, why wouldn’t he?!

  • Should I give my dog water?

    Absolutely! Your dog is not a cactus, he loves to sip water regularly. So make sure fresh water is available at all times, especially when you’re feeding him.

  • How should I store the kibble?

    Carefully close the bag after each use and store it in a cool dry place. This will keep our kibble fresh and yummy!

  • How should I store the tins and cans?

    • Not opened yet? Store the tins or cans in a cool dry place.
    • Already opened? You must keep the food refrigerated.
  • How long can I keep Edgard & Cooper dog food that hasn’t been opened yet?

    That depends on the type of food you’ve bought:

    • An unopened bag of kibble has a shelf life of 18 months from the manufacturing date.
    • An unopened can has a shelf life of 24 months from the manufacturing date.
    • And an unopened tin also has a shelf life of 24 months from the manufacturing date.

    Tip! Look at the ‘best before date’. Before that date our food wants to end up in your dog’s tummy.

  • Your food sounds absolutely awesome. Can I feed it to my husband?

    Our food sounds really humane and healthy indeed. That’s because we do business with a heart for dogs… and for people. But we don’t have the licence to sell our food for human consumption. Edgard & Cooper is delicious, super healthy AND for dogs only!

  • Can my cat feast on your dog food as well?

    Not a problem if your cat and dog are really good friends and love sleeping together. :) If not, your dog may hit the roof…

  • How can I show my dog I love him?

    Our advice? Give your dog plenty of attention: smother him with hugs, play together, keep fit together… And of course you should give him the wholesome food made by Edgard & Cooper. :) Fancy accessories and dog nail polish may be fun, especially for you… To your dog, this isn’t a token of love.

  • Curious about something else?

    We’d love to hear from you. Just mail us at

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